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Demon Possession in the New Testament
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The problem with that theory is this: there is not a shred of biblical evidence that any such gap period ever existed! That idea was born in the feverish minds of those who were panicked by the assertions of the evolutionists, and who thus sought to force the Bible into harmony with evolutionary chronology.

How could there have been a pre-Adam race of men if Adam was the first man 1 Cor. Others have contended that demons resulted from the cohabitation of angels with some of the women who lived before the Flood. However this cannot be correct since Christ clearly taught that angels are sexless beings, incapable of such unions cf. First, demons may have been the spirits of wicked dead men whom God, in harmony with his divine purposes, permitted to leave the Hadean realm to indwell some people.

Others have contended that demons were fallen angels who were allowed to escape their confinement to similarly accomplish some component in the divine plan cf. Jude 6. Charles Hodge, a leading Presbyterian theologian, in his work on Systematic Theology contended for this viewpoint, which is most unlikely.

Regardless of the ambiguity relative to demonic origin, the New Testament clearly recognizes the fact of first-century demoniacs. Concerning their character, demons are represented as malevolent entities. Demons were intelligent beings, possessing true knowledge Mk. Moreover they could exercise both volition and locomotion when permitted to do so Mt. Demon possession frequently resulted in physical and mental illness though such illnesses were clearly distinguished from the demons themselves — cf.

Those possessed of demons were at times smitten with dumbness i.

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Occasionally they were endowed with superhuman strength Mk. The New Testament provides no specific reasons why demons entered into particular individuals; they inhabited men Mt. Since demons were obviously under the control of God ultimately Lk. Apparently demon possession was divinely permitted by God so that the supreme authority of Christ might be made manifest in their expulsion. As the Savior revealed his control over the forces of nature Mk. His authority over unclean spirits heralded his approaching regime.

The authority of Jesus over evil spirits amazed the Jews. A new teaching! The Lord also empowered his disciples to expel demons, and they did so Lk. There are about eighty references to demons in the New Testament. Yet when Jesus expelled evil spirits, his miracles were publicly viewed, by astonished multitudes Lk. The next step is to choose a monthly or yearly subscription, and then enter your payment information. You can cancel anytime during the trial period. To subscribe at our regular subscription rate, click the button below. To manage your subscription, visit your Bible Gateway account settings.

Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days. Study This. Mark 5.

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Mark 4 Mark 6. Bible Gateway Recommends. View More Titles. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes. Try it for 30 days FREE. You must be logged in to view your newly purchased content. Oh, and by the way, buy my book. He spoke in past tense. Not one of those times is it used in a chronological narrative. The imagery used in Revelation is clearly elaborated upon in verses I'm inclined to view Job as a theophany written by the Hebrews to explain why a good God would allow bad things like the Babylonian exile to happen rather than historic pros, but I could be mistaken.

Even if it is literally historic in its descriptions, Satan's place is still not with God in Heaven. God questions him being there by saying, "Where have you come from" and Satan replies, "From roaming through the Earth and walking around on it," which seems like a smug reply after Satan had been cast out, as if God is saying, "You were cast out and don't belong here; you stick out like a sore thumb, so remind everyone here where you came from again" and Satan's reply comes as essentially, "You know very well where I came from and I'm quite busy down there.

Either way we look at it, even within this narrative, Satan's fall has already occurred as God specifically questions why he's even there, which would be really strange if Satan hadn't yet fallen and was among the other angels the whole time. Psalm 82 makes no reference whatsoever of angels ruling over pagan nations. Look at the context of the writer to understand how this phrase is used. Theologians call this progressive revelation. Satan and his angels are primary examples of that. The only way we deem them condemned is if we assume Jude is specifically referencing Genesis 6 which prompts the question of why Jude thought it was bad when no such condemnation was in the text.

The links made here between Jude and Genesis are assumptions, not biblical exposition. But, suppose for whatever reason, that angels really were going around porking human women. One wonders why angelic beauty wasn't enough for them and they had to settle for mortal women perhaps these were the social outcast angels that couldn't find an angelic date?

That still doesn't deny the clear narrative of Satan's fall and the fall of the angels that followed him and their continued rebellion against God on Earth. The author of this article needs Jesus' descriptions of angels to be misleading as well as the double narrative in Revelation and Jesus' description of Satan's fall to be ignored. The intellectual gymnastics required to make that all work just aren't plausible, imo. Thus, there is no attempt, and thus no failure, to harmonize 66 books. I do infer an implicit respect for the Protestant canon, but any points of disagreement are with the traditions of people of whom we have no doubt a few extant texts of many in circulation at the time.

So the only relevant critique here is one that a demonstrates false handling of non-canonical sources; b limits itself to the degree to which some of these traditions are explained in the 66 books. Of course, the discussion can proceed to other areas, but not all of them will be valid as refutation of the post that spawned the discussion. You claim Jesus was speaking of something that had already happened in Luke So what was the relevance of Jesus' statement in relation to what the 70 were saying? Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.

Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

The sons of God, the Nephilim, and the Mesopotamian Apkallu

The 70 were telling Jesus that in His name they had authority over the enemy. What did this have to do with Satan being cast out of heaven a few thousand years before? Rather, Jesus' words foreshadowed what was going to happen at His ascension on a larger scale. If you want to argue that Satan had already been cast out, again this creates problems elsewhere:. And what shall I say? But for this purpose I have come to this hour. Father, glorify your name. Now is the judgment of this world; now will the ruler of this world be cast out.

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself. Where is the ruler of this world being cast out of? The earth? Surely not because elsewhere he still roams it seeking whom he may devour. This makes sense if Jesus is saying Satan will be cast out of heaven. He will no longer bring charges against God's elect, and Jesus will draw all men to Him. Revelation is a figurative book. You seem to be missing that. The woman is a symbolic picture of Israel. Look at her description:. Revelation And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth. And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems. His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it. She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne,.

This is the same symbolic imagery Joseph saw in his dream concerning his brothers and his parents:. Behold, the sun, the moon, and eleven stars were bowing down to me. Shall I and your mother and your brothers indeed come to bow ourselves to the ground before you? Revelation And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems.

Satan couldn't walk back into heaven, which is why we can't argue that he was cast out before Genesis 3 when Job and Zechariah 3 both place him before God's throne. I actually don't believe Satan was part of God's "prosecution team" though he did act like one. I'm writing a book on the subject and will have an entire chapter devoted to this, but in short Satan's role was to guard the way to Yahweh's presence. He was the anointed covering cherub.

He was only meant to allow the righteous into Yahweh's presence and was sent out to search for them. This is why in Job Yahweh asks Satan where he's been. Yahweh is aware of Job, a just and upright man. For whatever reason, Satan so doubts the worthiness and righteousness of mankind that he will even go so far as incite them to evil to prove his point. This explains his presence in Eden, in Job , Zechariah 3 and disputing over the body of Moses.

This is why he became known as the accuser and the adversary. Not because that was his job, but because it's all he did. Accuse the brethren of unrighteousness. Psalm 82 refers to angelic beings who rule over the nations. No Israelite judges were ever over any gentile nations. They are the sons of God, angelic beings. These are not men, for we are told that they will die like mortal men. The gods themselves are judged for not upholding righteousness. Why would Canaanite pantheons be charged by Yahweh for failing to do a job?

I didn't say Satan wasn't present, neither am I denying progressive revelation. The fact is that he was present and he was known but not as an outwardly hostile enemy of God until after the ascension.

The case of Angel procreation is hardly speculation when it was the accepted view of the Jews and the 1st century church. It wasn't until Augustine that people began to teach otherwise. So everyone got it wrong for the first years of history? Why would the sons of God be condemned in the narrative? They weren't the focus of the narrative, the focus was mankind. You're assuming they should have been the focus.

I don't see how the link between Jude and Genesis is any less of an assumption than your view that the sons of God are Sethites.

Unbelievers casting out demons?

Why does Jesus' description of Angels need to be misleading? It's not, you're just assuming it says more than it does. Revelation isn't being ignored, you just assume it's a double narrative because it needs to be to fit your paradigm, but it doesn't match with the text itself or the rest of scripture. Neither is Jesus' statement about Satan falling from heaven ignored, again you just assume it says more than it does. I don't think it's that these things are implausible, I think it's that you are harbouring a supernatural bias towards the arguments.

I find it hard to believe that anyone on this thread can even attempt to make valid points against any of Dr. Plebeians, please spare us these word-lashings. Who among you will reveal your credentials, CV, or published journal articles? Who among will reveal your most freshman undergraduate sources of knowledge from which you draw your conclusions?

Stephen Davis We're getting nowhere fast and there are so many topics being tackled simultaneously, each with their own set of assumptions, that I really can't see this going anywhere with you. Ultimately, it feels like we're arguing over whether or not Adam and Eve had navals. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter in the slightest. Whether you want to claim demons are spooky ghosts from mythic offspring of angels and humans the sex must have been divine!

Jesus treated Satan as an enemy actively seeking our harm and so should we; that's what I and countless others refer to when we say "demons," the biblical foundations of which are beyond question. What about the war in heaven and the third of the angels the satan bull shited? They were all cast into the earth. This guy is a total ass! I agree with you but the war in heaven happened between Gen and Gen Keep on preachin my brother! Hey Tony! That idiot may want to use the King James considering it's standard among people that know what they're talking about!

They got kicked out of heaven with satan and are now demons. Why would you think otherwise? Mike Heiser Hi Mike — those demons banging humans were shaope shifters — the same power satan had, has? Never had a problem embracing this theory because scripture is pretty plain. But logically, Angels are not disembodied spirit.

Can a Christian be Demon Possessed? - Can a Christian be Demonized - pucimuxasure.ga

If we were to assume fallen angels have some of the same capabilities as the obedient ones then they can: Eat, appear as men, converse with man and physically interact with man. Because they're immortal spirit beings. Spirits that can walk in between worlds. Demons seek bodies to infest. They're restless if they can't find a body to torment, Angels have a body of their own, why would need to demonize someone? At least, that's the way I look at it. Brace Potthoff I would disagree.

If it's in scripture, it's because God wanted us to know it and therefore it matters. Secondly, the reason you don't believe it matters is because you don't understand how much of an impact all of these things have on the background scripture, particularly the gospel. Jesus said that casting out demons was directly connected to the Kingdom of God being at hand, and the gospel He preached was the good news of the Kingdom.

These beings are still around and are still very much active. Paul said that part of the churches mission is to make known the mystery of the gospel to the principalities and powers in heavenly places, the angelic beings who rule over the nations. If you think fallen angels and demons are synonymous, you are targeting the wrong enemy. We're never told to engage angels. Many battles Christians continually face is because they haven't properly identified their enemy. I think that's something worth considering. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

I used to subscribe to the gap theory until I read these verses. Clearly says God made everything in heaven and on earth in six days. Not that there was an indiscriminate time period before Genesis Furthermore, Hebrew grammar simply doesn't allow it because verse 1 to 2 isn't a linear chronological sequence. Btw, as for the KJV being the standard, shouldn't the "standard" be the original languages which the scriptures were written in?

And which KJV is the standard? The , , , , , or the edition? Stephen Davis you are misunderstanding the Hebrew at Exodus The verb there is "ashah" in the qal form, "fashioned" NOT "bara" in its qal form, "created. You're misunderstanding the author's argument. He is saying there is no Biblical history of where DEMONS came from, and that there is nothing that explicitly states they are the same as fallen angels.

Tony, you may disagree with his conclusions, but Dr.

Heiser deserves a bit more respect than you paid him within your statement. Why do you automatically assume he did no research? Your assumptions are incorrect and what you wrote is just plain ignorant. Your assumptions are incorrect and what you wrote is completely uncalled for. AllannCasey Fowler you actually did not support your conclusion that the "sons of G-d" are "fallen angels. There is a gap between the two that you didn't address at all.

If you had attended a seminary, perhaps you'd be more proficient at discerning that Ellen G. White was a false prophet! I think you've put your finger on an important concept. The Flood certainly didn't prevent these beings — whatever they were or are — from returning. That definitely points toward a supernatural source, doesn't it? I have yet to see anyone prove that Ellen White is a false prophet without taking what she said out of context, so why would pay any attention to dishonest people? In the Revelation 12 story arc, the woman refers to the nation of Israel, not the Mother Mary.

It also has to be remembered that time does not flow outside of our dimension, and Biblical events taking place "in Heaven" cannot be placed on a logical timeline. Yes there was a great falling of angels to the earth, they are mentioned throughout the Old Testiment, from Genesis on, and they have even been cast to the earth and out of Heaven, see the Book of Jude. Even if the 2 measly references to Nephilim are considered to be around the Bible and not exaggerations, which should be fine the giants in the Bible are smaller than the largest Basketball players alive today.

Goliath's measurements make him out to be smaller than Shaq. There is no link to them being spirits or demons at all. The link of spiritual beings creating a hybrid race with humans is entirely make-belief and pulled from thin air. But demons were mentioned in Job and the Book of Daniel. The word in Hebrew one should be looking for is "ruwach" and that appears times in the Old Testament. The Greek version for the New Testiment is "pneuma" which appears similarly times, though there is a specific reference to them as "daimonion" in Greek.

Demons were also mentioned in Zechariah, also in reference to a nation similar to that of Daniel's account. The Book of Judges as well, also concerning a political feud. The notion of "giants" being in reference to gigantic towering monstrosities of men didn't exist even all the way through Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology. A falling of the "Dark Ages" a rather poor historical term but it fits enough here and the slow reconstruction of civilization caused the lesser scholars to believe that only persons of large size could have built what is known as Roman engineering. But the idea of demons being red, with devil horns, a pitchfork, and having cloven feet?

Much more complicated and again probably the result of "Dark Ages" in which several pagan beliefs and ideals were combined with anything non-Biblical. Hello Mike Heiser, all very interesting stuff! I thought that there are demonic spirit beings which interact sexually with humans.

Incubus and Succubus, representing the male and female versions of these spirits. Why would G-d go to all that trouble of destroying His creation, only to permit His will to be frustrated by Ham's wife? It makes no sense, and implies He isn't in full control. I'd pare down your answer even further: the woman of Revelation 12 is G-d's faithful remnant. She is His Wife and is the exact opposite of the Harlot in Rev.

Dale Fuhrmeister Bull hockey! Suzanne Baruch actually you're misunderstanding the Hebrew. Take for example Genesis — "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created [bara], in the day that the Lord God made [asah] the earth and the heavens. Bara and asah are used interchangeably here to describe the same event, creating the heavens and the earth. Likewise, Genesis tells us that Yahweh created [bara] man. Yet Genesis tells that Yahweh formed [yatsar] man from the dust of the ground. Of final interest is Genesis which says: "God saw all that he had made [bara] — and it was very good!

Sun, moon, stars, earth, vegetation, animals and man. Stephen Davis what you've written isn't accurate at all, and I will be nice here and just state it's obvious you do not read Hebrew. Suzanne, if I'm wrong and you're the Hebrew expert then by all means show me how I'm wrong otherwise you're just posturing and that doesn't help either of us of anyone else to come to a better understanding.

It was only this year that I realised that there is no account of the angelic rebellion en masse in the Bible apart from Rev I know where Demons come from, ancient Greece. Most likely fallen angels have been called demons, since Christian theology doesn't agree with other religious beliefs. Christians in speaking to Greeks were using a familiar term to describe those spirits against Christ. Why should we relate Nephilim to demons.

I don't think we are trying to evangelicize 1st and 2nd century Greeks. Steven Fontaine "the war in heaven happened between Gen and Gen What are those passages you refer to? Can you list them and explain how they refute the information given in the article? Based on other comments, I'm guessing we're still waiting on Tony's exposition???? This is a good exposition. The assertion that readers from the day of Jude would have understood the extra-biblical context of his statements is accurate.

Western Christians read the Bible through Helenistic eyes — which will keep us limited in knowledge unless we humbles ourselves and allow The Holy Spirit to teach us. We oft forget the rich histroy of the church that migrated through BAbylon into India and eventually China, as well as the church that migrated into North Africa.

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Christians there also hold book like Enoch as part of their tradition, and indeed, Jude and Peter quote from them in the Protestest canonical books leaving those who reject these books with a quandry. Steven Fontaine you should tone down your attitude and be more respectful.

Nobody's spewing out heresies here. We're trying to have a civil discussion, and when one starts throwing around the word "idiot" and talking about how there are other "people that know what they're talking about," well, there's no point of discussing then. Not to mention the fact that Heiser is basing his research off of the Septuagint, the Masoretic text, and other Greek and Hebrew writings that were written well before the KJV.

Would you be willing to show us how you arrived at this conclusion? How are postflood giants smaller and how do we know? Unless Jesus already knew their origin, as did the biblical authors, and they didn't feel the need to express it since at least some of their audience would know this too.

Or would hear teaching on it. I agree with your second sentence, but also that knowing Heiser's view can help us know the structure and heirarchy of demons and elohim and the like, and to know how best to use authority against them, that is, Jesus' authority. If knowing their origin was important in setting people free, that would have been included in the gospels. I'm just on the front lines using every spiritual weapon I can get my hands on to deliver people. That's all I'm saying.

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This practical knowledge is what is needed to set people free from the torment of spiritual darkness. But seriously-I don't intend any ill-will in what I'm saying, just a desire to see more people free. Absolutely brillian and confirms what many women in their early stages of believers walk report being harrassed by nightmares of evil spirits, trying to sexually assault them. As well reported by any woman who is a believer but was led astray, was under new age, deceived etc. This may be redundant, but I referance Isaiah Revelation , and Jude Great topic. I am so happy to have a scholar come out and press people into the difficult task of exegesis.

The Second Temple literature has been a blind spot in my reading, but am daily having false beliefs destroyed listening to your podcast and reading your articles. They help me understand the context of how the original audience would have understood the text.

Bible answers to man's questions on demons by Kenneth E. Hagin

Those who follow this blog will be interested in reading my short essay on that on the Logos Talk blog — and probably saddened by some of the comments to it. You may […]. Where Do Demons Come From? Michael S. Heiser Wed, October 28, Misc. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Gen , ESV The sons of God—angels in more familiar parlance—transgress the divinely-ordained boundary between heaven and earth by producing children with human women. Apkallu wall relief. Share this post! Comments Jeremy Priest says:. October 28, at pm. May 14, at am.

Jeremy says:. October 28, at am. Mike Heiser says:. Key D. November 22, at pm. Who, Mike, in your opinion is Ephesians in reference to? Michael Bugg says:. November 1, at am. Aaron Bauer says:. Philip says:. October 29, at pm. Daniel Clewley says:. Bryan Finley says:. John Olubobokun says:. May 13, at am. Larry Heflin says:. October 29, at am.