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Self Sensing Concrete in Smart Structures

Create a List. Summary Concrete is the second most used building material in the world after water. Self-Sensing Concrete in Smart Structures provides researchers and designers with a guide to the composition, sensing mechanism, measurement, and sensing properties of self-healing concrete along with their structural applications Provides a systematic discussion of the structure of intrinsic self-sensing concrete Compositions of intrinsic self-sensing concrete and processing of intrinsic self-sensing concrete Explains the sensing mechanism, measurement, and sensing properties of intrinsic self-sensing concrete.

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Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Drilling a bit further, and we can see reactive powder concrete is an evolving composite material, and it is expected to witness the highest growth rate in the global ultra-high performance concrete market.

Nanomaterials in Structural Engineering

Technavio suggests this type of concrete has increased durability, high strength and the ability to withstand high load and pressure. There are a number of reasons for this growth including:. Today, two big trends are emerging when it comes to advances in concrete: sustainability and intelligence. For the construction industry, these advances in concrete will change the way work is done on the jobsite.

Ultimately, these changes will transform the long-term maintenance of structures from bridges, roads and high-rises. Many organizations are now focused on reducing the environmental impact of concrete.

Self-Sensing Concrete in Smart Structures

For example, in , over in the United Kingdom, the Concrete Industry Sustainable Construction Strategy was born to achieve a common framework of industry-wide reporting and an ambition of continuous improvement. Late last year, the ninth Concrete Industry Sustainability Performance Report states that controlling and managing the environmental impacts of procuring materials and manufacturing products is an essential requirement for sustainable development.

Also, product consistency, performance, and being fit for purpose are crucial to sustainability; and not mention ensuring that materials are not rejected or potentially wasted. At the same time, concrete customers are responding to customer demands for more sustainable products by using alternate binders.

Schuler adds that many of these trends are being led by the much more developed European markets—and U.

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Another growing trend is that the construction industry will see more implementation of multifunctional concretes , which are typically accompanied by intelligent or functional behaviors. Chung specializes in materials science and engineering, particularly smart materials, concrete, thermal management, battery electrode materials and more.

One of the challenges she points to is the development of multifunctional concrete requires expertise in the functional properties of materials such as the electrical properties. According to an article written for World Economic Forum by Abir Al-Tabbaa, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cambridge , concrete has long suffered from being perceived as fundamentally cheap and a straightforward commodity, but cannot be perceived as that for two key reasons.

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First, for every person on the planet, approximately three metric tons of concrete are manufactured and used by the construction industry each year. The production of cement is the most common to make concrete, and is responsible for up to eight percent of all anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Self-Sensing Concrete in Smart Structures - Baoguo Han, Xun Yu, Jinping Ou - Google книги

The second reason is that concrete will play a more fundamental role in infrastructure in the future. Self-healing concrete can help monitor and repair automatically. Looking beyond the material itself, new technology companies have been emerging all across the globe aimed at developing smart concrete technologies.